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We understand that not all projects require a complete teardown that's why Coronado Wrecking has the tools and the experience in handling complex selective demolition projects including but not limited to historic buildings, hospitals, and other commercial/residential buildings.

When a complete demolition is required, Coronado Wrecking has valuable experience in the demolition field.
 We execute at the highest level ensuring quality is at the forefront of our solutions. Regardless of size or location, we have the necessary resources and experience to satisfy project needs.



One of the things that puts Coronado above the rest of the crowd is our commitment to recycling. We here at Coronado do our best to recycle everything we can when tearing down a building. Before the demo starts, we will send in crews to remove all the salvage and bring it to our sales yard to be repurposed by the general public. During the demo process, we will separate the steel from the trash and send it to a metal recycling plant to be reused as well. The concrete also gets recycled, as Coronado maintains a concrete crusher at out yard.



If your project needs dirt work or site preparation we have the machinery to do so. We are able to package a deal for both demolition and site work if needed. We do site preparation for ponds, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, or any other dirt projects, you name it.

Coronado Wrecking has a concrete crushing and recycling plant where we recycle all the concrete from our demolition projects. With this, we are able to recycle old concrete, keep concrete out of landfills and create viable products such as base coarse and asphalt. 



Rusty Steel
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